Depanelling today

In the process of depanelling market requirements increased extremely over the last years. Panels – carrying printed circuit boards – come in many different materials as in example FR4, plastics, ceramics, aluminium, copper or in various material thicknesses and are always to be depanelled in the same quality of cut. On top it is requested that the process of production is as stress- and dust-reduced as possible not to harm the sensible parts. A short process-time and the possibility to be quick and comfortable in changing production becomes more and more important. At this stage we offer solutions for all requirements as for manuel, semiautomatic, fully automatic depanelling with a mix of routing and cutting for highly sophisticated depanelling requirements.


  • Short cycle time by shuttle mode
  • Y-/Y-axis in linear motor technology
  • Panel fixation with pin fixture
  • Flexible handling
  • PCB with residual bridges
  • Spindle adjustment in servo technology
  • Exhaust unit
  • Easy to use
  • Optimum price / performance ratio

Manual depanelling with 1- and 2-fold loading

The compact table machine LOW MINI was in particular developed for depanelling of PCB series with small format and series with big format. PCB materials with residual bridges will be separated quickly and economically up to a size of 320 mm x 580 mm. The separation process takes place in all exes servo ontrolled, with a routing spindle from above. The workspace chages from small (320x280mm) to large (320x560mm) format - this is the highlight of the machine, due to the simple and uncomplicated handling.

Manual depanelling - flexible and cost-effective

The concept of manual depanelling has many advantages regarding flexibility and costs. Medium quantities can be separated quickly and dust-reducetd using LOW MINI. The standard includes the two-fold loading in linear motor technology, to increase the workspace - an operation with 1-way shuttle is possible. Ease of operation and maintenance combined with an excellent price / performance ratio enables a comfortable work experience - the investment into this depanelling machine is also profitable from an economic point of view.



Technical specification: LOW MINI
W x D x H800 x 800 x 620 mm
Weightapprox. 150 kg
Voltage230 V / 50 Hz / 6 A
Ambient temperature+18°C - + 30°C   
Work space
2-fold loading320 x 280 mm
1-fold loading320 x 580 mm
Mounting height top side max.10 mm
                        bottom max.30 mm
Shank tools0,8 – 2,4 mm
Clamping diameter1/8“
Rpm> 50.000 U/min
Depanelling speed
Axis speed160 mm /s
Repeatability+ 0,01 mm
Depanelling+ 0,1 mm


The machines are in accordance with viable rating of local safety regulations, conform to CE, EMV,ESD,UVV noise level <= 72 db (A), technical availability >98%, proof of machine capability: Standard