INM 4040

  • Sturdy welded steel frame
  • Precice linear motor technology
  • Quick product changes possible
  • Flexible PCB fixation system
  • Marking wirh laser and/or Ink-Jet
  • Marking of each PCB material
  • Laser measurements of axis
  • Customized special solutions

Stand-alone or in-line PCB marking system

The marking system INM 4040 labels printed circuit boards of different surface

colorizations with inkjet laser and/or labels with barcodes, 2D matrix codes or

other imprints. Both technologies can be integrated in this system for sequential

application or can be employed as individual units. The marking process is

performed from TOPSIDE, while the x/y-coordinated table pilots the PCB.


PCB – marking

The marking machine INM 4040 enables quick product changes respecting at the same

time short marking and handling times. Feeding is executed by the belt with

fixation and belt with width adjustment. The newly developed central support

ensures a consistent quality of marking on large printed circuit board formats.


The high performance of the marking machine with standard laser- or inkjet-module, belt

with width adjustment, integrated image-assisted teach-in camera system can be

extended by many customized adaptations and optional equipment (e.g. camera

vision system). Precise laser measurement of the axes before putting the

machine into operation is part of our individual customer service for al

in-line and stand-alone systems of Systemtechnik Hölzer GmbH (SH GmbH).


feeding & fixation

Feeding on infeed conveyer. Fixation of PCB with clamping unit. Variable transport direction

left/right. PCB torsion max. 1% of length or width.


Dust extraction

External fume/dust vacuum unit with activated carbon filter.



aces system control

IPC-control DIN-language 66025. Windows®7 professional, 12” touchscreen monitor. Path

control (cutting/milling/drilling)


  • YAG Laser / CO2 Laser / YV04 Laser
  • Ink-Jet-Modul
  • Board handling / loader / unloader / conveyer
  • Shuttle-loading (in/out)
  • Code scanner
  • Z-axis stroke 60 mm
  • Recognition of good and bad parts
  • Traceability interface according to requirements specifications
  • Customized data connection
  • Remote control
  • Camera vision system
  • Customized special solutions



Technical specification: INT 4040
W x D x H1.000 x 1.750 x 1.750 mm
Working height930 – 1.050 mm
Weightca. 600 kg
Voltage400 V / 50/60 Hz / 16 A
Compressed air0,6 mPa (6bar), oil-free, filtered, dry   
Consumptionaverage ca. 20l/min
Ambient temperature+18°C - + 30°C   
ColorRAL 9002 / customized
Work space
Standard400 x 400 mm
Board thickness0,5 – 3,2 mm
Monting height   top side max.75 mm
                        botttom side max.25 mm
Customized special sizes upon request
CO² - source10 W
Operating area110 x 110 mm
Slot size 1 / e²290 µm
Focal distance180  ±3 mm
Marking speed225 characters / sec.
Positioning ± 0,01 mm
Repeatability  ± 0,015 mm


The machines are in accordance with viable rating of local safety regulations, conform to CE, EMV, ESD, UVV noise level <= 72 db (A), technical availability >98%, proof of machine capability: standard