About us

Systemtechnik Hölzer GmbH is a third generation, family owned business. Before the end of the war, SHB's grandfather, Heinz Schmoll, an engineer, started a small business in his parents' garage. His business manufactured special machines, as well as punching and cutting tools. It further specialized in circuit board processing machines. He registered various inventions for patents. The company developed steadily and grew to 200 employees. Heinz Schmoll handed the company over to his daughter in 1980. In 1988, SH spun off as a subsidiary. Ms. Silvia Hölzer-Becker has been its managing director since 1999. The main areas of the business are depaneling, special machine construction, air-bearing and laser production.

In the course of digitization and the complexity of requirements, laser technology has become an important part of SH. Lasers will be continuously built into our special machines. The "Laser" division continues to develop. Systemtechnik Holz now specializes in the production of high-quality, fiber lasers.

Due to the digitization and complexity of the requirements in mechanical engineering, permanent and non-removable marking on workpieces has become increasingly important. In many industries, labeling parts is not just for jewelry and decoration, but is prescribed by law for safety reasons. Not only is the content of the lettering strictly regulated, but also the type and quality. Serial and batch numbers must be permanently engraved, relatively deep in the material, to ensure these numbers cannot be easily removed by manipulation.

Silvia Hölzer-Becker

Successfully runs the family business (3rd generation).